Martyrs’ Memorial is the most visited and main visiting point of Gallipoli Peninsula, is located on the Eski Hisarlık Burnu. As a result of a project competition, the project prepared by Dogan Erginbas, İsmail Utkular and Feridun Kip was selected among 37 projects and so on the foundation of the monument was started on 17 April 1954.

Çanakkale Martyrs' Monument, which was opened to visit on 21 August 1960, the 45th Anniversary of the Second Anafartalar Victory, symbolizes all our soldiers who were martyred in the Battle of Çanakkale and keeps their memory alive. According to Dogan Erginbas; the monument represents the collective ascension of our martyrs from all different geographies. There are reliefs reflecting the moments of battle. Every year on March 18, commemoration ceremonies are held in the Abide ceremony area by citizens and state officials from all over the country.

The symbolic cemeteries on the back of the monument were opened to visitors in 2007. In the martyrdom, there are the names of 59,408 martyrs who were martyred during the Canakkale Wars. There is a 45 m long relief reflecting the war period in front of the symbolic martyrdom. After the relief, in the beginning part of the symbolic martyrdom there is the grave of the unknown soldier and a marble inscription with the words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk for the allied soldiers in 1934.

After the battles of Ariburnu, a skull belonging to a Turkish soldier, which was said to be taken to Australia by an Anzac soldier, was delivered to Turkey years later on March 10, 2003. It was buried at its present location with an official ceremony on March 18, 2003.


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