57th Regiment Martyrdom and Monument designed by Architect Nejat Dinçel and it was built by the Ministry of Culture on December 12, 1992, on the Kabatepe-Conkbayiri road, at the south end of Kilicbayir.During the war, foreign soldiers called it "Chess Board". This newly built martyrdom is symbolic. The Actual martyrdom is located at the south end of Bomba Sırtı, within the Çataldere Valley. 19th Division depended to The 57th Regiment and it was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Avni Bey. It was the first forces to turn away the Anzac soldiers advancing on the Arıburnu Front on the first day of the military landing. The first time in this front-line, We can see 19th Division Commander Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal, who has the leadership and courage qualities.

57. Regiment Martyrdom includes a fountain, open prayer, main cemetery and monument. The main material used in the martyrdom is Kevser stone, which is generally used in Seljuk and Ottoman caravanserais. The entrance to the martyrdom in the eastern wall of the Kabatepe - Conkbayırı road. There is a figüre which is holding his grandchild's hand in near the entrance. This figüre is a bronze statue of Huseyin Kacmaz, who died on September 10, 1994 at the age of 108, when he was the oldest war veteran of Turkey. Right across the entrance, on the east wall of the martyrdom, there is a relief depicting the 57th Regiment's counterattack on 25 April 1915. The relief covers an area of approximately 45 m2.

The fountain and open prayer are located on the south side of the martyrdom. The main cemetery part of the martyrdom has an curved entrance and the sidewalk area starting from this entrance to the north wall. There are marble plates with the names of the 57th Regiment Martyrs on the north wall that forms the base of the monument.

(Source: catab.ktb.gov.tr)

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