It is about 400 km far away from Istanbul. After travelling around the center (there is no other settlement) where about 2000 people live (it takes 45 minutes even if you travel in great detail), your first positive impression is formed.

Bozcaada is a small island in the province of Canakkale, in the north of the Aegean Sea. It is located right at the entrance of the Dardanellia As the third largest island in Turkey. The settlement is concentrated in the center in the northeast of the island. There is no other village. Its area is 37.6 km2 with the islets around it and its circumference is 38 km.

The distance of the island from the mainland is only 6 km with ferryboat. Transportation is provided by a large ferryboat and the journey takes an average of half an hour. While the number of mutual flights is six in the summer season, in the winter this number decreases to three times.

The population of Bozcaada, where Turks and Greeks have lived together for 500 years, is approximately 2500. The Greek population of the island, which has received immigration and emigration, is now only 25-30 people. With the tourists coming in the summer, the population of the island varies between 5,000 and 10,000. In winter, the population may fall down to 1000. There is a primary school and a high school on the island. A total of around 300 students are studying.

The island's livelihoods; viticulture, winemaking, fishing and tourism. Viticulture and winemaking island traditions dating back centuries. There are almost no people living on the island who do not have a vineyard and do not know how to make wine. Since Bozcaada is on the fish migration routes, fishing is also a profession with a long history. Many fish of various species can be caught around the island. Especially the squid and octopus, which are symbols of clean seas, have become the symbols of the island. Tourism, which has been on the rise in recent years, is progressing in a controlled manner. Reconstruction permits are limited on the island and the dominance of nature is always tried to be at the front row.

All areas of Bozcaada is a natural and historical site. You should know that these lands continue to hide the traces of various cultures that have passed through for centuries, although its rich history dating back to mythological times has not been unearthed in a serious archaeological excavation yet. Bozcaada is also called as its former name Tenedos, which is frequently mentioned in mythology, draws attention not only with its nature but also with its rich past.


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