From Challenge Gallipoli to Challenge Roth

Eight athletes who will compete in Challenge Gallipoli in June have been given participation in Challenge Roth.

Participants will be able to test their performance on another international platform with the opportunity offered to the top four male and female competitors in the Challenge Gallipoli general classification.

If one of the athletes does not want to use his/her right, the right to participate will be passed to another athlete in a sequential order.

Athletes, who have won a slot, should act quickly and apply to the competition commission with their invitation code to formalize their participation. These athletese need to complete their registration for Challenge Roth, which will take place on July 6, 2025.

According to the president of Turkiye Triathlon Federation Bayram Yalçınkaya, this development means that Challenge Gallipoli offers athletes not only a racing experience but also the opportunity to improve their careers at an international level and he add:

"We invite our athletes to compete in Challenge Roth and use this unique opportunity. Each of the steps to be taken on this path is an important stepping stone that will help our athletes achieve success in the international arena."

Please visit the official race website for applications and detailed information about Challenge Gallipoli :

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