Gökçeada ... Formerly known as Imroz. Located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea and among the islands owned by Turkey, it is the largest in terms of surface area. It is a cute island with uncontaminated sea and virgin lands with all shades of blue and green. Gökçeada, which will take its place on the agenda with its past, present and future, has carried the old Greek villages, monasteries and churches to the present day through centuries and showed how Turkish and Greek communities can live in friendship and brotherhood by fusing together.

You can relieve your tiredness and stress by playing with the clear waters of Gökçeada’s bays where waves of the seas break the silence, where you will see and feel the historical and natural beauties at every step. Aydıncık (kefalos) beaches extend to the south of the island. You can take a mud bath in the salt lake right next to it and, if you are lucky, see flamingos. Hidden Bay, Laz Bay, Yıldız Bay are some of the countless bays. In order not to be exposed to the negative effects of the sun, should swim in the morning or late afternoon.

In the meantime, you can visit the villages, smelling history: Dereköy; A few decades ago it had the distinction of being the largest village in Turkey, with thousands of people living in it and more than six hundred households. Nowadays, it looks like an abandoned and ruined village except for our Greek citizens who live in five or ten houses. Dereköy is a village worth seeing with its laundry, churches and ruined houses. Another village, Tepeköy, is built on the slopes of a hill worthy of its name. Its narrow streets smell nostalgic with its intact houses and its inhabitants. This village is the place where the August 15 festivities are held.

People from all over the world usually come to celebrate the anniversary of the death of Mary, mother of Jesus, most of whom are born and grew up on the island. If you would like to see and attend the festival, it is useful to go to the village on early times of the day because the narrow dirt road will be starting to fill with cars and it becomes difficult to reach the village. Zeytinlikoy has the difference of being the most popular and best preserved surviving. Most of the houses in the village was repaired and the life still continues in Zeytinlikoy where estalished in the side of a hill in greenery If we look at it from a bird's eye view; It overlooks the center of Gökçeada and the plain. There are too many olive grove in everywhere.

Do not leave from the village without drinking Madam’s Dibek Coffee, which is a century-old tradition and it is kept alive. With leaving from island; Churches, water sources, houses, narrow streets with stone paved reflects a square memory. With its old Cinar trees and historical fountain, Eskibademli Village is another village that should be seen on the island. You can look at Kalekoy, sea and plain from here. A pretty vertical dirt road leads to the village. After travelling around the village, if you go to the old school building, you can watch the sunset from the balcony of this ruined school. it is impossible to tell, you have to live instead

(Source: canakkale.bel.tr)

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