Jort Vlam, CEO of Challenge Family, made the following evaluations about Challenge Gallipoli 2024:

"We took the first step of our long-term cooperation with the Türkiye Triathlon Federation in September this year with the Challenge Istanbul organization. Now we are excited for Gallipoli. It is a great honor to organize a triathlon race here. Because we value the peace that our predecessors sacrificed. There is no doubt that this will be a race to remember for many reasons. 2024 Challenge Gallipoli, which will be held in cooperation with the Turkish Triathlon Federation, Çanakkale Wars Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency and Challenge Family, will take the world's best triathletes on a magical journey through history, extraordinary natural beauty, warm Turkish hospitality and ancient lands."

The competition will start with a 1.9-kilometer swimming course in the Dardanelles. It will then continue with a 90-kilometer single lap, which is cycling course, that follows Anzac Cove, where Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed in 1915, monuments, trenches that witnessed the land battles, and the famous Conkbayırı, where Atatürk told his soldiers, "I don't order you to fight, I order you to die."

The triathletes, who will then head towards the village of Alçıtepe, will complete the race where they started, at the Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency National Park, with a three-lap running course along the coastline of the peninsula.

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