Assos Ancient City in Behram village of Canakkale Ayvacik, in addition to its historical importance, it is known as one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to summer vacation in Turkey. Asos, located at the southern end of the region called Troas in ancient times, was established across the island of Lesbos. It was discovered by the young architect Francis H. Bacon after the archaeological excavations carried out by the American Archeology Institute in the last quarter of the 19th century.

Temple of Athena and ancient amphitheater are the most important buildings in Asos established around BC 900. In addition, Aristotle, the most important thinker of Antiquity, lived here for about three years and founded a school of philosophy. From this point of view, it can be said that Assos was one of the cultural, art and science centers of the period.

Assos, one of the charming Aegean villages, is at the center of attention of thousands of tourists every year with its clean nature and clear sea. The reason for the insistence of tourists in Assos is undoubtedly due to its natural bays and green nature. It is truly an invaluable experience to swim here in the summer and enjoy the nature and the sun. There are many options for accommodation in Assos such as apart hotel, hostel, hotel and camping area and Assos is also one of the best camping area in Turkey, people generally prefer to bring their tents and do camping.

In addition, as we have mentioned above, there are places to visit in Assos. Especially Assos Ancient City; Many touristic spots such as Kadırga Bay, Sokakağzı, Antique Harbor, Hüdavendigar Mosque, Behramkale Bridge, Gymnasium and Bouleuterion, Agora, Ancient Theater and Athena Temple are waiting for you. If you are wondering "What to eat in Assos?", Let's say right away: You can find every flavor of Aegean cuisine such as olive oil broad beans, stuffed pumpkin flowers, herbed pancakes and hunter pastry in Assos.


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